Three Reasons Every Small Business Should Use A Hiring Firm

November 22, 2017

Outsourcing is proven to help the growth of small businesses.

Let’s face it. You barely have time to eat a proper meal or catch a healthy 8 hours of sleep. It’s a common struggle most entrepreneurs face. So when it comes to your business, outsourcing the things that need your undivided attention such as making the right hire should be a no brainer. We’ve listed three ways small business owners can benefit from a hiring agency.



Hiring the right person for the job takes time. A lot of time. The time you don’t have because you’re too busy doing exactly what you need to do to grow your business. But growing your business happens best with the right help. Working with a hiring agency means they can use their resources, expertise, time and energy to scout for the quality candidate you’re looking for. Below are some tasks you can outsource to a hiring agency and invest your time in other areas of your business:


  • Job posting – Posting the job with the right description to the right platforms
  • Screening candidates – Vetting several candidates at once
  • Interview process – Scheduling and conducting phone and in-person interviews
  • Training – Going through the training process and procedures to ensure competence
  • Paperwork – Filing information, HR, employee handbooks
  • Reviews – Conduct regular reviews to ensure employee happiness



As a new business owner, every penny counts. Making a bad hire can really hurt the bank. I know what you’re thinking. Hiring agencies cost money. But really, you’re investing in the long-term quality decision rather than taking a major gamble on a candidate that hasn’t been properly vetted. Don’t believe us? Here’s some perspective. Hiring the wrong person and fixing that mistake within 6 months can ultimately cost you 2.5 times the individual’s salary. So if your employee was making $40,000 a year, that’s really a $120,000 mistake that could’ve been avoided. Still not convinced? Maybe this will help. The Department of Labor estimates the cost of replacing one employee to be one-third of their salary. So our advice? Spend a little up front, to save a lot down the road.



It’s easy to push things aside when you’re running a business because of your priorities and to-do list change on the hour, every hour. When you work with a hiring firm, they are solely focused on the task at hand; to search and staff your company with qualified candidates. Often times, hiring employees get lost in the shuffle as what seems to be more important tasks arise. With a dedicated hiring agency, the process will not be dragged on which means you’ll be on your way to increased productivity in business with the right team by your side.


We hope these three reasons were enough to get your wheels turning. We also hope you’ll look to us at Hire10 to fulfill the benefits listed above and more when it comes to your hiring needs.


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