Recruiting for Manufacturing

Keeping the economy strong.

There is tremendous value in the manufacturing industry and its power on the U.S. economy. Let’s break it down to you like this: There are 12.3 million manufacturing jobs in the United States which is responsible for employing 9% of the workforce. With statistics like that, it only makes sense for Hire10 to play its role in keeping the economy strong by essentially keeping those positions filled and it looks like we’ll have our hands full in 2018!


The economic forecast tells us that the manufacturing industry is set to grow by 2.8 percent in 2018 largely due to increased productivity thanks to advancements in technology like 3D printing. Another element set to increase job growth in the United States are rising wages abroad. Call centers are moving from India to places like Nebraska where wages are becoming comparable.


Hire10 is constantly monitoring the pulse of the industry to best assess employer needs and provide advice based on the ever-changing market. We hope you look to us for your hiring needs in the manufacturing space.