Is Your Hiring Agent a People Person?

July 24, 2017

Hiring firms are an extension of your company.

When you work with hiring agencies, they represent your brand and company culture from beginning to end. How they perceive you, your needs and feed it back into the job pool in search of that perfect candidate is an important part of long-term success. So how do you ultimately find the right firm with the right people to take on such a role? We’ve narrowed down the most important quality to look for before working with a hiring agency.


Find Your Person

You most certainly cannot be an introvert and a hiring agent. Hiring agents are true people persons. Their job is to study people, their psychology, read them both on paper and in person, build genuine relationships and nurture those through and through. But before we move forward, please be sure to work with an agency that will dedicate one human that will be your human throughout your tenure together. This is extremely important as this person will be your go-to for essential business staffing questions and concerns.

Now, let’s get back to the basics of building relationships. The interaction should begin as early as the email communication begins. Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Are they quick in responding to your emails?
  • Do they personalize the email by referring to you by your first name or ask how your weekend was?
  • Do they make an effort to schedule phone or in-person meetings?
  • Are they properly following-up?


Outside of emails, phone calls shouldn’t feel rushed. Instead, a good hiring agent should make you feel like you’ve known them forever. Remember, the key is to work with someone that comprehends the importance of developing an authentic relationship with his/her customer.


When speaking over the phone, please note the following:

  • Are they speaking the entire time?
  • Are they asking questions and actually listening?
  • Do they refer to previous conversations as a point of reference?
  • Do they give you examples of success stories from working with part employers?


Some other ways to identify if they’re truly genuine individuals is to see how their relationships are with past clients and candidates they have placed. Do they still converse with them as friends even though they don’t work with them anymore?


It’s never a bad idea to ask for references and really get the exclusive from folks that have been in your position before. Ultimately, look for that one agent that is truly irreplaceable and provides value to your company in ways unimaginable.


Hire10 prides itself on being a boutique agency with a client-centric approach. When you call, you’ll speak with a real person every time that is going to go above and beyond the norm to accomplish your company’s needs.


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