Hire 10: Why we’re better

January 23, 2019

Written and published by Ken Brown


Oh man, where do I begin?

Well, let’s start with some of the biggest complaints I’ve heard since I started in the recruiting industry back in 2006. My first job in the industry was for a Fortune 100, publicly traded boiler room. They provided zero training and on your second day they say ‘You ready to pick up the phones?’. They throw you right in the deep end with the sharks and give you no raft, no paddle.

So, as luck would have it the first few dials, a potentially new client picks up the phone. I’m a sweaty, bumbling mess and clients are hurling objections my way. One of the biggest complaints I got was that “You are all the same. You charge a lot of money and only guarantee your candidate for 90 days. What makes your candidate better?” The honest answer in 2006 was ‘absolutely nothing’. The answer for many recruiters today is still the same. Absolutely nothing.


Trends I’ve noticed over the years…

As you’ve seen, most recruiters will tell you how big their company is or how long they’ve been in business. Others will start telling you about themselves and how great they are. Finally, some will start telling you they bring the best candidates. The real question is ‘How?’. Many recruiters are still running off a gut impression and guesswork. They are providing little value beyond locating the candidate. 99% of recruiters are weak when it comes to due diligence.

Big or small, old or new, we all find the same candidates, and we all use the same systems. The real value comes into play when we start qualifying our candidates. Recruiters in big firms are hard pressed with quotas and don’t have the time to do a deep dive into a candidate’s background. Recruiters at small firms lack resources. Hire 10 has answered this question, in detail, along with answering some of the industries other big challenges such as outrageous fees, slow candidate response and guarantee periods.

What sets Hire 10 apart from any other firm in the industry


  1. We fill the due diligence gap. We assess everything. Intelligence, raw IQ, motivation, personality, criminal history, 10-panel drug screen, ‘off-the-book’ references and a whole lot more. Not only are we assessing candidates thoroughly, but we are also matching candidates to custom baselines we’ve created from your business. Our proprietary discovery model is more like a science project and less like a recruiting process.
  2. Our fees are less. Way less. Sometimes as much as 60% less. Undercutting your competitors is nothing new in business. When you’ve found a better way, like Hire 10 has to utilize science and AI to automate, you are able to offer the same service for less because it costs us less to run the same process. In fact, it costs us less to run a better process. Sorry, we’re not sorry.
  3. Candidate response. In recruiting, speed is the name of the game. Hire 10 partners with a technology company that has a proprietary system of harnessing over a 100 candidate websites simultaneously, instantly engaging candidates from those websites on a mobile-first platform. Our technology works to source, screen and select candidates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do in hours what our competitors do in weeks.
  4. 90 Day guarantee periods are a thing of the past. You know an industry is ripe to be disrupted when a company only backs their product for 90 days. Yep, 90 days. To me, that is the biggest slap in the face. Recruiters ask for $20,000 in fees and only stand behind their people for 90 days. Hire 10 guarantees their candidates for a minimum of one year. That’s right. A minimum of one year. Nobody else in the industry does this.


Besides the aforementioned industry improvements we’ve made, we’ve made some other changes as well. But we can’t put all of our secret sauce on the web – then everyone else would try to be just like us.


If you’re interested to learn more,  follow us on social media or I’d love to walk you through the process myself. I can be contacted at [email protected] or 407-477-6077.